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International Housekeeper's Summit 2019

The Asian Housekeepers' Association (AHA), headquartered in India, is a conglomeration of 11 country housekeeping association, that was formed during the first International Housekeepers' Summit in 2016 at Sahara Star Mumbai. Organised by Clean India Journal, the annual International Housekeepers Summit has become the annual event of AHA.

The International Housekeepers' Summit (IHS) along with the Asian Housekeeping Awards is the must-attend must-participate knowledge-sharing platform of the hospitality housekeeping fraternity for India and other countries, including UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Oman and Nepal. The major attendees will be from India being the host country and the largest in the sub-continent.

Following the three successful summits, two in Mumbai and one in Colombo, the fourth IHS2019 is scheduled for Agra on August 29 and 30 at Jaypee Hotel. The three past Summits concentrated on technology and addressed the common pain areas to enhance and elevate the present-day housekeeper to climb the corporate ladder and become General Managers and Directors. In the process, GMs, Purchase heads, Engineers and Laundry managers joined the Summit to hold hands with housekeepers and assist them in this journey.

The Summit witnesses representation from all chains of hotels at the seven star, five star and four star levels and resorts. The IHS2019 will also include hotels from two tier cities as the Government of India has selected 31 cities for fast development and infrastructure growth.



Facility Management


2-Day Session Awards Live Demos Networking B2B Meetings City Tour

The sessions at IHS aim at creating a path in taking forward the vision of the International Housekeepers Summit of redefining housekeeping in the corporate strategy. This time the theme - Total Quality Management 2.0 - is a step towards improving service standards in keeping with the present-day requirements. The entire two days will have about eight sessions with major focus on Housekeeping. We are introducing special sessions on Laundry and Facility Services too.


Better seen than heard...
The live demo sessions (four demos through two days) of 10 minutes each will include on-the-spot visual experience of laundry and cleaning products. Elaborating the processes and the product performance, the suppliers will enhance the knowledge on selection of products and systems to suit different facilities.This will be followed by a five-minute quizzing/Q&A session for the benefit of the delegates.

Two days of extensive interaction among delegates and between delegates & suppliers makes this an ideal platform for the hospitality segment.

It is true that product suppliers are partners in a housekeeper's success. Face to Face meeting of sponsors/product experts with all the 300+ delegates during a special session on August 29 is ideal to build and strengthen foundations between housekeepers and sellers. It enables better understanding of the product too.

All delegates and sponsors are invited to join the city tour to the famous Taj Mahal in Agra.


  • Vaishali Sinha

    Director of Housekeeping

    Melhua The Fern

  • Sunil Ralph

    Group Head-Facility Management Services

    GMR Group

  • Quang Nguyen

    Operation Manager at

    Fraser Suites Hanoi

  • Prabhat Shukla

    Director of Housekeeping

    Intercontinental Hotels Group

  • Hari Krishnan

    Director of Business Development

    Crossway Hotels and Resorts

  • Asha Pathania


    PVR Cinemas

  • Tatjana Ahmad

    Housekeeping Manager - Functional Specialist HK

    Grand Hyatt - Dubai

  • Akshi Singh

    Cluster Director Housekeeping

    IHG Hotels Kuwait

  • Pamini Hemaprabha

    Complex Director of Housekeeping

    Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi

  • Sathyabama Nair

    Head-Service Quality, Training & Standards

    Bangalore International Airport Ltd

  • Saji Sebastian


    GVK Mumbai International Airport Ltd

  • Shashi Balain

    MD and CEO

    Shubhram Hospital Solutions Pvt. Ltd

  • Panch Iyer

    TPM & TQM Consultant

  • Shivani Bharti

    General Manager-Services

    DLF Home Services Pvt. Ltd

  • Zakariyya Essa

    Director of Training Development

    Crown & Champa Resorts Maldives

  • Mr. Rajesh Monga

    Associate Director-DXC Technology Account

    CBRE | Global Workplace Solutions

  • Varun Balwani

    Director of Sales & Channels

    FCS Computer Solutions

  • Gaurav Pachauri

    President-client engagement & global partnerships

    guest delight international

Experts Speak

  • With the initiative from I - Professional Housekeepers' Association,India along with Asian Housekeepers' Association and Clean India Journal is hosting IHS2019, 4th year in a row on the 29 & 30 August 2019 at Jaypee Hotel, Agra. IHS2019 will showcase a new learning concept with "Total Quality Management 2.0" to all participants from 15 countries. This is the only summit that brings across awareness in all aspects of Housekeeping in hotels, facilities and laundry. There is definitely a need for the housekeeping fraternity to bring together their skills and rise up to the growing demands in housekeeping

    I-PHA, India has been a part of the hospitality industry since last five years and since then I-PHA, India has always given the mantra of creating synergy by togetherness, taking housekeeping and Housekeepers' to a new level via technology and knowledge sharing.

    Team I-PHA, India has always been scccessful in creating such an endeavour and putting up successul summits for the last 5 years.
    I express my deep gratitude to all to attend the summit and hope that all of you discover a whole new world of learning.....
    Sonia Mital, I-Professional Housekeepers' Association, India. Founder Member & Head-CSR, Events, Communications
  • I am overwhelmed by seeing the growth of Asian Housekeepers Association, as it is nurtured & groomed by i-Professional Housekeepers Association in India. Four years journey of togetherness has resulted in exponential growth through the International Housekeepers Summit organized by Virtual info system Pvt. ltd.

    Asian Housekeeper Association's main aim is Increasing member nation in AHA with the Vision : Connect, innovate & Share.

    International Housekeepers Summit is the only Hospitality summit which has created a single roof for all Housekeepers across the Asian countries to exchange ideas and knowledge. Three years success of International Housekeeper's Summit can be credited to its hard work, team effort, good organization & strong content it carried. Also credit goes to the supporting associations in promoting the International Housekeepers Summit in their respective countries & bringing delegates to make it truly an International event.

    Looking forward to this 4th International Housekeepers Summit at Agra filled with lots of Learning as the theme of IHS 2019 is TQM - Total Quality Management, Awards & recognition…
    Vaishali P Sinha,
    Director Housekeeping Meluha The Fern & Founder & General Secretary i-Professional Housekeepers Association, India.
  • International Housekeepers Summit (IHS) is among handful events for Housekeeping fraternity where we get an opportunity to Ideate - debate & Celebrate Housekeeping. When this idea was conceived to amalgamate the various country led forums & bring all concurring people under one umbrella, Housekeeping Aficionado’s never thought this platform will have such humongous growth within such short span of time.

    It is continuing to get better and better and with each one of the participants, groups & organizations more and more essential for those interactive space which is very limited for Housekeepers. In an industry where next week’s news is already too old, IHS allows a great perspective into the best practices and people oriented topics of today.

    Birth of AHA (Asian Housekeepers Association) & IHS has break –down the barriers and unites people into a wonderful group, a valuable tool for everyone to use as a knowledge base and to get technical support from the other members. We know that at a moment’s notice one can call another member and get information on whatever the subject… voice is only a phone call away & the acclimatization among different region’s & fraternity is impressive.

    It is gratifying to see such bunch of dedicated individuals who are to doing such a great jobs & their efforts are sincerely appreciated, For sure this has adorned the housekeeping image in the industry.
    Prabhat Shukla,
  • "When we started, I wasn't sure we could pull this off but the International Housekeepers Summit (#IHS) certainly did it and did it well. This Summit makes us feel recognized and appreciated; it identifies what we have done right and what we should do more of; and it makes constructive criticism easier to accept and integrate
    The aurora of #IHS is too beautiful to be not included in any of #Housekeeper's agenda. It has a very interactive setting, making it the only Summit that's so captivating and intriguing.
    Being associated with #IHS since the day one, has been an absolute honour and privilege. I feel delighted to be associated in its journey since foundation, taking baby steps and now literally on its way to conquer the world of housekeeping.
    With each passing year #IHS is getting positioned well. Attending this summit will be panacea for all housekeeper's problems. The vista of #IHS is surely worth attending. I can only say #IHS is now kith & kin of every housekeeper." - #Pamini Hemaprabha, recipient of the coveted #Asian Housekeeping Award -- Best Housekeeper in Asia Award in 2016 and presently the Complex
    Pamini Hemaprabha | Complex Executive Housekeeper | Mina Seyahi Complex
  • Meeting for the first time outside India, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Tourism Development has warmly welcomed all the delegates from the Asian Housekeepers Association, which was a very important and proud moment for all of us. This year's IHS has taken new heights through the versatility of the agenda which not only included inspirational presentations from General Managers of various properties around Asia, but provided B2B meetings with suppliers, expert sessions on Laundry, various workshops and group activities, a fascinating fashion show and the 2nd Asian Housekeepers Awards.
    Tatjana Ahmed, Housekeeping Manager Functional Specialist Housekeeping,Grand Hyatt Dubai
  • It was a pleasure to be a part of it and really enjoyed. It was was worth and learned so much. It is good to see many familiar faces after a long time also met many new faces. A great time.
    Madheeh Mohammed, Executive Housekeeper, Ayada Maldives
  • The IHS 2018 offered participants a dynamic opportunity to discover more about housekeeping trends and provided a stimulating platform to exchange our knowledge, practices, perceptions and opinions. The IHS is an epitome for the professionals to optimize and continually assist its members in the housekeeping industry to nourish their fundamental services. The IHS will definitely be a high-flier in addressing challenges and enlightening professionalism in the housekeeping sector. Enthusiastic to participate in the forthcoming events.
    Moosa Hameed, Housekeeping Manager, Mirihi Island Resort, Maldives
  • After taking part of three successful International Housekeepers’ Summit, the Executive Committee of the Maldives Housekeepers’ Association (MHA) and its members are warming up for the 4th IHS2019 at Agra, India, on August 29-30. It is the largest gathering where we get to exchange seamless ideas and gather knowledge, all under one roof.
    Total Quality Management, is the theme of this year’s summit and all the member countries of AHA and its members are looking forward to be a part of IHS2019.
    The MHA’s vision is to ensure professionalism of the Maldives Housekeeping industry through training, education and development. In addition Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Passion, Fairness & fun are the values of the association. The MHA is looking forward to host the IHS in Maldives in the near future.
    HAMEED ALI, Executive Housekeeper, Westin Maldives by Marriott International, General Secretory Maldives Housekeepers Association

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